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As we move through life, we often face unsettling situations. It can be hard to stand still when the waves of life are crashing against you, throwing you off balance and even causing you to topple over. When we feel wobbly, stability is what we crave. Stability is an energy. We can create stability in […]


Freedom is the condition of being free. It is the power to act or speak or think without externally imposed restraints. What restraints or restrictions on your actions or thoughts are you ready to release? It’s these restraints that are causing resistance in your space and this resistance leads to blockage, physically, emotionally and mentally. […]


March 4, 2018 UNDERSTANDING   Understanding :: sympathetically aware of other people’s feelings; forgiving. It can also be defined as having insight or good judgement. What would it look like if we each deeply embraced the energy of understanding into our days? We can always be more understanding, right? There can be greater understanding of […]