Self Love

We’ve been taught that loving yourself is selfish.  We’ve been taught that making yourself a priority, doing what YOU want to do, and listening to your own needs is selfish.

So……Let’s have some fun unlearning all that!!! 

Loving yourself and making yourself a priority in your life, your health, and your relationships is the greatest gift you can give to others.  When you are at your fullest potential, living from your energy and filled with vitality, you are able to create deeper connections with yourself and those that are most important to you. 

Unfortunately, if you cannot find the capacity to love yourself, you do not have the capacity to love another. 

This begs the question, “Where does love come from?” 

Love doesn’t come from another person.  We get love from the Universe, or God, or Spirit – however it resonates with you. 

At our core, all we are is love.  As we live this life, we are remembering to get back to that state of love at each and every moment.  Love is all we are, love is all we need.   We just forgot that we don’t need it from another, because it’s in abundance all around us.

Isn’t that so refreshing!  This gives all of those people we are in relationship with a break!  When we expect their love, need their love or need them to be more supportive, it can be exhausting on both ends of the relationship.  Once you take the need off of them, you are able to release that need from yourself, feeling much more spacious in your body and spirit. You also gain more freedom in your life. 

In turn, this “expectation” or “needy” energy you’ve taken off people gives them the freedom to live and love how they want to.  It’s another great gift!  One of the greatest gifts, actually.  Gifting someone freedom to be as they are and do as they wish is infinitely life giving.     

Are you open to a new way of being? This new way of being includes allowing more love in your space.  This new way of being gets us moving through life at the vibration of LOVE, even if it starts with only 1 minutes a day. This new way of being doesn’t happen over night. It may take years, but every moment you intend, adds up and before you know it you are feeling and living differently.     

Can you allow YOU to love yourself at least once everyday?  Can you answer one question everyday for the next 30 days to allow this love in? 

Here is your challenge….

Ask yourself,

“What do I like/love about myself?” 

Get your answer and then close your eyes and feel your answer.  If you feel nothing at first, that’s normal. Keep asking the question…..everyday.  You will eventually notice that when you feel what you like about yourself, something in you shifts. It’s these small shifts that result in great changes. You are slowly changing your vibration from invalidation to validation.  

If we’re in a practice of living from a vibration of doubt and uncertainty or insecurity this new way of being might be uncomfortable at first.  If may even deter you from doing it and that’s okay.  Open up to the awareness of love that surrounds you and the love that is you! 

In Health and Healing,

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