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Giving and Receiving

February 7, 2017 It happened three days in a row.  The first day I read it on Facebook, the second, I read it in her book, and the third day I was listening to a completely different book on Audible and there it was again… “Until we can receive with an open heart, we are […]

From Judgment to Acceptance

January 12, 2016   The toxic and haunting J-word.   At a very young age I was introduced to judgment, as most young girls are.  I was deep into the competitive gymnastics scene until I was 12, and immediately transitioned into the world of competitive dance and continued competing for roles in college and competing […]

A Picture Perfect Holiday minus the “perfect!”

December 22, 2015   Perfect, Smerfect!  There shouldn’t be such a thing! One of my intentions for 2016, is to stop using the word “perfect!” And even after I wrote this today, I responded to the librarian with, “Oh, perfect!  Thanks!”  Ahhh…. I laughed. There is a difference between doing the best you can and […]