May 6, 2019


Why practice neutrality?

When we live, act, and respond from a place of neutrality, we gain peace, grace and stillness.  Whoa, stillness in 2019?  No way!  If you are willing and allow yourself to receive it, 100 % yes, it’s there for you.

Neutrality allows us freedom from judgment and with this we can eliminate any spike in chemistry.  This will greatly benefit our emotional body and our physical body.

We want to be neutral so that we can see and know that things are not to be labeled good or bad, right or wrong, but only are what they are.

We want to be neutral so that we can respond with grace when our children are fighting or when someone has triggered a deep wound in us.  We don’t react and fight back, but can respond and look internally to heal those wounds.  We stop blaming and we start cleaning it up.  Only you can clean it up, it’s your job, no one else’s.  How do you clean up your S#IT?  Meditate.


How do we get neutrality by meditating?

We practice, practice, practice.

Specific meditation tools can allow us to see clearly any energies that are effecting us.   We learn to see any energies that we are putting out into the world that are effecting us.

These tools assist us and guide us to clear out and release other people’s thoughts, their “right ways”, their “wrong ways”, and their truths.

We don’t want that!

We want our truths!

I want my truths!

So take the wheel sister, get your own truth back, get your freedom back.  Wouldn’t it feel good to make decisions and choices without feeling guilty or wrong?  Wouldn’t it feel good to choose and confidently declare your choice without having to defend it AT ALL or having to prove it to anyone?


When you do this and own this, you spread this.  You give everyone else around you permission to do the same.  Now you aren’t judging anyone for their choices or their decisions.  You are neutrally seeing, knowing, and hopefully saying, “That’s interesting.”  The freedom is contagious, so you get to choose how you want your self reflection and work to ripple onto those around you.

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