Peace, Ease, and Grace

I want Peace, I want Ease and I want Grace. How do I get these energies to be present in my life?

You find neutrality! So, you practice being in the center of your head more of the time. It’s that simple.

So, focusing all of your attention in the center of your head, is the key because it’s the only place in your body where you can be neutral.

When we find this center of head, it gives us permission to stop judging ourselves. When we stop judging ourselves, we stop judging others. In the center of your head, where you gain neutrality, you see that there is no right or wrong, or no good or bad. People, situations, circumstances are just interesting.

You also get freedom. A freedom from comparison. You don’t have to keep up with the Kardashians, because you don’t even notice the Kardashians. Neutrality sounds more like, “What is the most appropriate for me/my family in this moment?”

When you embrace neutrality life responds with peace, ease and grace.

See what you notice, see what shifts, and see how your physical body adjusts.

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