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Internal Spring Cleaning – Part 3 Meditation

April 20th, 2016 In my last couple of posts, I’ve talked about how great it can be to cleanse the body on a physical level with diet and exercise and how acupuncture serves to cleanse on a mind, body, and spirit level – the ultimate trifecta. In Part 3, I will offer up the importance […]

Internal Spring Cleaning – Part 2 Diet & Exercise

April 5, 2016 “Only do it because you WANT to do it, not because you SHOULD!” As spring continues on, another great way to clean up internally is to pay close attention to the choices we make about what we put into our bodies and how we choose to move our bodies. As far as […]

Internal Spring Cleaning – Part 1 Acupuncture

Happy Spring! Once we get that first day of warmer weather, it’s like something inside of us is called to “clean up.”  You are hanging out outside and start thinking about cleaning up the yard, and then next thing you know you’re in the garage and cleaning that junk up too!  You start thinking about […]

Making Spirits Bright

December 15, 2015 I had an AHA moment this morning!  A super shifter, is what I like to call it, because it shifted my beliefs in a super-b new way.  It’s not just something I put on paper or thought about, but something more visceral – it was like more of my spirit woke up! […]