Monthly Archives: December 2015

Manifest the LIFE YOU WANT in 2016!

  December 30, 2015   Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve and I still haven’t settled in after all the holiday fun and commotion.  But, I’ve been spending some time thinking about how I want my life to look in 2016.  Each time I think about it, I feel excited, but scattered, overwhelmed, and a little […]

A Picture Perfect Holiday minus the “perfect!”

December 22, 2015   Perfect, Smerfect!  There shouldn’t be such a thing! One of my intentions for 2016, is to stop using the word “perfect!” And even after I wrote this today, I responded to the librarian with, “Oh, perfect!  Thanks!”  Ahhh…. I laughed. There is a difference between doing the best you can and […]

Making Spirits Bright

December 15, 2015 I had an AHA moment this morning!  A super shifter, is what I like to call it, because it shifted my beliefs in a super-b new way.  It’s not just something I put on paper or thought about, but something more visceral – it was like more of my spirit woke up! […]

Nourish Yourself

December 9, 2015 Nourishing ourselves around this time of year should not be a luxury, it should be a necessity.  It’s frantic, it’s busy, it’s a downright chaotic time of year, and we need to take care of us to maintain our health and our sanity!  Taking care of yourself isn’t just going to benefit […]

How to have Happy Holidays

December 1, 2015 It shouldn’t be hard, right? We love our families so much and get so excited to spend time with them over the holidays. But, it can be stressful and it isn’t always easy.  There are a lot of different opinions, different likes and dislikes, different schedules, and all sorts of judgments being […]