June 1, 2019

Are you clear on what you want? Are you lining up with what you want?

To manifest what you want, you must be in alignment with what you want.

If you want peace but often find yourself angry and in fight mode, you are not lining up with want you want. Good to notice. Nothing to judge, but good to observe. Once you observe this misalignment, you can acknowledge it, and then shift it.

If you want money but are always concerned with how you are in lack, or how you don’t have enough to do this or that, or if you are triggered by those who seemingly have more than you, then you are not in alignment with what you want.

If you want better relationships but only focus on the invalidating parts of those relationships that you do have, then you are not in alignment with what you are wanting to create. If you want to heal a specific relationship, but the majority of your thoughts about that relationship are negative, critical, or judgmental, then you are not lined up with what you want and therefore will not manifest what it is you are saying you want.

So how do we get ourselves aligned to receive what we want?

  1. Get clear! Clarity on what it is that you desire (eg., health, wealth, family, fun, etc.) is numero uno.
  2. Notice your internal dialogue. What are you telling yourself on a daily basis. We have thousands of thoughts each day and if you’re constantly telling yourself how horrible you feel or how much pain you are in, then it’s not going to be easy to manifest health.
  3. Observe what you say out loud. Does your need to connect with people block your ability to manifest? If you want wealth and abundance, but are becoming one with the group around how you are in lack of money and can’t believe how much this and that costs, then the universe will keep showing you that story.
  4. Meditate. Get still, get aligned with source, feel, imagine, and pretend that you have what it is you desire. Practice, practice, practice lining up with what you want, and keep noticing how you are blocking the manifestation of it.

Aligning with source, spirit, and your desires, will also assist in making decisions. Those choices that seem impossibly difficult to make or that are stressing you out far too much.

Being aligned will give you confidence in your decision making ability. If you make a decision, line up with it, then trust that everything will fall into place. If you make a decision, and continue asking “What if I made the wrong choice?” or “Was the other route a better choice?,” then you create chaos. Things will show up to distract you and make you feel invalidated about that decision.
Try it!

In Health and Healing,