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How I shifted a seemingly bad situation

April 26, 2016   Last week at this time, I was selling my house, getting ready to move into a new one and all was good. Then in an instant, it all changed. The buyers backed out and I was riding a roller coaster of emotions for days. I had so much fear, sadness, anger […]

“Thought” for the Day!

February 17, 2016   Here are two lovely excepts from the book falling into Grace by Adyashanti.   No pun intended. “Thought is symbolic. A thought isn’t a thing. It has no reality; it is only an abstraction. A thought is, at best, a description of something we take in with our senses. And yet, […]

From Judgment to Acceptance

January 12, 2016   The toxic and haunting J-word.   At a very young age I was introduced to judgment, as most young girls are.  I was deep into the competitive gymnastics scene until I was 12, and immediately transitioned into the world of competitive dance and continued competing for roles in college and competing […]