Monthly Archives: February 2016

What’s Wrong?

February 23, 2016   Ever have those days, weeks or February’s where nothing seems to be going right? When it seems like everything you do, say, or try to get done falls flat. Or have you found yourself or someone you love in a place where the focus is on everything that’s going wrong?  It’s […]

“Thought” for the Day!

February 17, 2016   Here are two lovely excepts from the book falling into Grace by Adyashanti.   No pun intended. “Thought is symbolic. A thought isn’t a thing. It has no reality; it is only an abstraction. A thought is, at best, a description of something we take in with our senses. And yet, […]

How YOUR Defenselessness can lead to YOUR Freedom

February 9, 2016   The realization that “I’d rather be happy than right!” has led me on an interesting path to finding more freedom in my life. At the beginning of this year, one of my resolutions was to ‘talk less, listen more, and stop arguing.”  This seemed appropriate to apply to ALL of my […]

Feeling February

February 2, 2016     A couple of weeks ago I wrote about using food and alcohol as numbing agents to our feelings.  Although they get the most attention, it’s not just food and alcohol, it might be television or being really really busy that can play into numbing our emotions.  And I’ve done all […]