Everything is better when shared—including meditation.

What’s this “Psychic” Meditation business? I’m not psychic!

All psychic means is that you are sensitive to energy. So, yes, you are psychic.With practice, you can heighten your ability and become more sensitive to energy. As you become more aware of the energy around you, you become aware of what you want and what you don’t want in your life. This allows you to take ownership of creating the life that you want.

What if I’m running late or have to jump off the call early?

Please try your best to jump on the call a few minutes before the start of the call. If you are running late, jump on the call anyways. You can always catch what you missed from the recording. If you have to leave the call early, that’s okay too. Quietly disconnect from the call by hanging up your line. You will receive the recording to play back at your convenience.

What if I’ve never ever meditated in my life?

Great! Your only requirement is to come to the call with an open mind and a receptivity to trying something new, different, and totally fun!

NO thanks, I’ll just listen to my Headspace app!

Headspace, Calm, and mainstream transcendental meditation are all great. Psychic meditation, the style you will be guided through, is much different. The biggest difference is that with most mainstream meditations you are being asked to come outside of your body. When your spirit disconnects from your body you can have a blissful, enlightening experience, which is awesome.But then what? You go back to your day to day, you go back to reality and nothing changes.

With psychic meditation and the tools that come with it, you are learning to be IN your body.We want to bring your spirit into your body, have a spiritual experience in your physical body so that you can manifest what it is that you want. It’s one thing to find peace with your anxiety while you’re floating outside your form, it’s quite another to find peace with your anxiety while you are in your body and moving through your work day. This allows you to create peace, what you want, within your work environment, for example.

I’m really bad at meditation, what if I get distracted during the call?What’s the point?

Distraction is going to happen. It happens to everyone.There is nothing wrong with getting distracted during meditation. The key is, to notice that you’ve become distracted and then get your attention back.With practice, the gap between the two will lessen. Distraction is just an energy that is keeping you from getting what you want. Distraction is like avoidance.The more we say hello to the distraction and get information about it, the more we are able to clear it and allow what we want to be created.

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RELEASE the blocks
REVEAL your desire

Call in from the comfort of your own space.

Heal your body, mind and spirit

Introduction to Meditation

MONDAYS 6:30-7:30pm MST

Never meditated before? NO PROBLEM.
Don’t even know what meditation is or isn’t? NO PROBLEM.
Worried you can’t do it or will get it all wrong? IMPOSSIBLE.

Find a comfortable chair in a quiet room and dial in. How does it get any better then this?

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