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Internal Spring Cleaning – Part 1 Acupuncture

Happy Spring! Once we get that first day of warmer weather, it’s like something inside of us is called to “clean up.”  You are hanging out outside and start thinking about cleaning up the yard, and then next thing you know you’re in the garage and cleaning that junk up too!  You start thinking about […]


October 20, 2015 Straight away, I think about the sitcom Friends and the hilarious one-liner that pushed into the mainstream through the 90’s ….. “This is uncomfortable!” “I’m uncomfortable.”  “This is making me uncomfortable.” So what makes you uncomfortable?  Is it the pain in your low back, a migraine headache, or simply the sound of […]

It Heals but……..Does it Hurt?

September 29, 2015   I’m talking about Acupuncture!!  Yes, Acupuncture!  I have been a practitioner of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine for about 6 years now, and instead of Does it work, the most common question people ask is…..   “Does it hurt?”   It doesn’t hurt!  Sometimes you feel nothing.  Sometimes you feel something.  It […]