January 2020

We are 10 days into 2020! How are you feeling?

Whew, maybe those last couple weeks of December and first week of January were a doozy for you, and maybe they weren’t. With the settling of the holiday hoopla, it’s a nice time to check in with you and notice how you feel in your physical body.

How you are feeling mentally or emotionally? Are you stable? Are you wobbly? Are you achy? Are you tense?

The holidays can hit us hard. Nothing wrong with that! Now, what can you do for yourself to feel more centered and balanced?

Nourish, nourish, nourish.

Before you read any further….What does nourishing mean to you in relation to your body, mind and spirit?

You are the only one that knows what the best form of nourishment is for you and your body. Keep checking in, because it might continually shift and change. Always start by asking, “Body, what do you need to help nourish you?” Then, wait for the answer.

Here’s a few choices to ponder if you get stuck or if this is a completely foreign concept to you.

  1. You can nourish your body with food. Simply, ask, “Body, what food do you want to eat?” And listen without going into judgment or into your brain about what’s healthy, unhealthy, good or bad.
  2. You can nourish your body with movement. What activity, if any, is your body craving today? It could be a day on the couch with Netflix, or a gentle walk around the block, even an intense run! Your body will relay what nourishment it desires in that moment.
  3. You can nourish your body with creative outlets. “Body, what would feel nourishing to create today?” Is it painting, coloring, building, cleaning, organizing, planning a party, or decorating a room?
  4. You can nourish your body with quiet. Does your body want to be alone or with others? Do you get nourishment from reading a book, taking a bath, or sitting in front of a fireplace and staring into the flames? Or maybe your body craves stillness or meditation to gain clarity and balance.
  5. You can nourish your body with sleep. Ask, “Body, do you need a few more hours of sleep tonight?” “Body, does a nap resonate with you?” No guilt around it, it’s what you might need. Schedule the time in your day to make it happen.

Even if you are unable to fulfill your bodies immediate desires, you are getting into the practice of asking yourself what you need. This is always bringing more awareness to you as a body and spirit. Greater awareness equals greater growth and healing. It gives you and opportunity to choose what you want, and then choose again. It gives you power over you, you become empowered and you begin to feel better. Isn’t that one thing we all desire, to feel good?

In Health and Healing,

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