Freedom is the condition of being free. It is the power to act or speak or think without externally imposed restraints.

What restraints or restrictions on your actions or thoughts are you ready to release?

It’s these restraints that are causing resistance in your space and this resistance leads to blockage, physically, emotionally and mentally.

What to release the resistance? Here’s how.

Choose to see things differently. Choose to perceive your thoughts and your feelings in a more positive way. Within seconds, things will start to shift. Restore your thoughts, return to LOVE.

Allow. Allow and let go. For example, if someone is being competitive, notice it and then, allow them to win. ALLOW THEM TO WIN! Poof, you feel better because you’re out of resistance to it. Now, they have the opportunity to heal inappropriate competition, if they choose to.

Be a body of glass. Pretend your body is transparent and all the energy that isn’t yours, is allowed to go straight through you. It’s like a superpower! So be a superhero and use that superpower the next time you are feeling bogged down or weighted down by another. Or use it when an energy like sadness, overwhelm, anxiety, or competition starts to effect you.

And the next time you notice yourself feeling really good, notice that freedom, really feel it in your body, and see if you can hold it there. Then, hold it a little bit longer each time that feeling comes back to you.

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