The quality of receiving, taking in, or admitting is receptivity. I love this word, receptivity, because when I say it out loud I can feel my whole body expand.

Receptivity is a willingness or inclination to receive suggestions or offers. Most of us are receptive to invalidation, wrongness, doubt, judgement and caring what other people think. There is the possibility and opportunity to flip that switch and develop a receptivity to validation, certainty, neutrality, and oneness.

When there is an interest in self awareness and spiritual growth, witnessing yourself is the starting point. There must be a willingness to notice your thoughts and to process how your thoughts are affecting your actions.

Is there a receptivity to go dive deep into unexplored places where others are unwilling to go? If so, then read on.

Tune into yourself, by tuning into your breath. When you notice your breath, you notice your body. Your body LOVES to be acknowledged, your body wants to be attended to. When you notice your body, you begin to notice your thoughts.

Cultivating a receptivity to your thoughts will allow you to observe the story that you are living in. The story that is creating the life you currently have, including the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Is it scary to develop a receptivity to the bad and the ugly? Yes, sometimes it’s very scary and sometimes you just aren’t ready to go there, and you don’t have to. But, when you courageously travel this unknown path, you arrive at freedom, you receive clarity, and most importantly you feel peace.

When you observe your “story” and realize that you are the author of this story, then you reserve the opportunity to write a new story. This puts you in control of your life. This allows you the choice to make changes to your thoughts and to your reality.

My old story that I held onto for many years is this….

“My kid is deaf and because my kid is deaf my life is complete chaos. She can’t communicate like everyone else in the world. She can’t hear everything that everyone else can hear. She is at a disadvantage. Communication with her is mostly difficult, which turns into fighting, chaos, blame and someone feeling like a victim.” This is the story is that would happen over and over again until, I changed my story.

Here is my new story….

“I have a kid with hearing loss, but you wouldn’t know it. She communicates just like you and me. Sometimes she loves to be deaf and retreat into her own quiet world, but most of the time she loves to engage with the world. Communication with her can be different, but is mostly easy. I want communication in our family to be easy and peaceful. There is no space here for shame or blame and no one is a victim. We have all been given the opportunity to heal our patience (or lack thereof) and communication ailments that go way back through our ancestral lineage on both sides. Life with this kid is a gift!!”

I encourage you to start paying attention to increase your receptivity to the stories you are running through your head and your life. I know I have many more stories to shift and know that it’s as simple as an acknowledgment and a willingness to go there. A willingness to listen to the chatter is mandatory and the opportunity to rewrite it is yours.

In Health and Healing,

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