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April Mantra

April 5, 2017 “Love someone.  Hold someone.  Hear someone.” Join me this month, in using this mantra to allow yourself to live with more joy and ease. This mantra serves as a guide to help recalibrate, reclaim, and reorganize ourselves whether it’s moment to moment, hour to hour, day to day. We all fall off […]

The Shield

October 27, 2016 I wrote this post last week and have been REALLY hesitant to share it, but after contemplating it, the benefits of the sharing outweigh the backlash of potential judgment.  I feel like if you can relate to my situation as a mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend or acquaintance then you too can […]

Balance :: Boundaries

September 7, 2016   There has been a major shift in life with the kids being back to school now.   With every major shift, it’s a relevant time to reassess boundaries.  Schedules have shifted, boundaries are being established (and pushed) and with a little time, a roller coaster of resistance, and more awareness around […]

Live Like a Kid!

August 22, 2016   Last week at the beach was the best! The waves were the biggest I’ve ever seen in Holland, Michigan.  Where I stood the water was just above my knees and the waves were crashing into my face! Unbelievable!   And SO MUCH FUN!! Playing, jumping, body surfing, boogie boarding and just diving […]

How to Brighten Our Inner Light…….

July 27, 2016   Eliminate the darkness. Yes, of course you can never truly eliminate the darkness, because without the darkness there would be no light. But, the darkness surrounding you doesn’t need to penetrate your inner light.  It doesn’t need to be allowed to dull your light, dim your light, or even extinguish it. […]

Parenting is Work

June 22, 2016   I was faced with a pretty big wake up call last week when my quest to create spontaneity and freedom this summer was being blocked.  This block was sibling rivalry. Day after day, the quarrelling sent me over the edge. I literally lost my mind and my cool. I believe that I […]

Summer Lovin’

June 7, 2016 School is out – Summer is ON! I think of summer and I think of FREEDOM!  A deep rooted childhood thought, I’m sure, and also ironic that in this phase of life it’s now the time when my kids are home ALL the time which inhibits my freedom – HA! But, this […]

How to Transform Panic into Peace

June 1, 2016   Up until yesterday at 3:15 pm, I had been in my flow. Things were going great, I was feeling great, and everything was lining up just right. So interestingly, there was a huge storm approaching our area that led us to run from the pool to the car and get home […]


May 24, 2016 After writing last weeks post about making love a habit, I starting thinking more about habits in general. I have some good habits and I also have some not so great habits. Then I took some time to see what NEW habits I want to create and look at some habits that […]

LOVE. Consistently.

May 10, 2016 My kids have been really challenging lately – It’s either fighting with each other or talking back to me and my husband.  Part of me feels like holding up an enormous white flag.  A bigger part of me feels like holding up a flag that reads “This is just not going to […]