Monthly Archives: September 2015

It Heals but……..Does it Hurt?

September 29, 2015   I’m talking about Acupuncture!!  Yes, Acupuncture!  I have been a practitioner of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine for about 6 years now, and instead of Does it work, the most common question people ask is…..   “Does it hurt?”   It doesn’t hurt!  Sometimes you feel nothing.  Sometimes you feel something.  It […]


September 22, 2015 It was a Thursday night, and we just finished putting the kids to bed.  I ran to Trader Joe’s for a couple of things I needed the next day.  It had been an exceptionally long day and I was so looking forward to drinking a cup of tea in front of The […]

Life Lesson #1 – Things I learn from my kids

I started working with a meditation coach about 2 years ago. The main reason I decided to take on this practice was that I was desperate to become a better mother. I was overwhelmed ALL the time, I was frustrated and angry a lot, and I was depressed and anxious. Interestingly, I had no idea […]

Back to School Time – Tips to Keep Your Kids Healthy

School has started again and with that comes a sigh of relief and a sigh of sadness that summer is over. Unfortunately, it always seems that a few weeks into the school year some kind of cold or bug starts making it’s way around the community.  So, I’m sharing all of the preventative measures that […]