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August Mantra

August 1, 2017   “I BELIEVE in MIRACLES.”   The late Dr. Wayne Dyer said, “When you believe it, then you’ll see it.” What little miracles happen in your day that you can acknowledge and celebrate?   Miracles come in all sizes and when you believe in them they will start showing up and more […]

July Mantra

July 10, 2017   “My Inner Wisdom is my guide.”   My intention this month is to get better acquainted with my Inner Wisdom. We all have our own inner guide.  It’s similar to that gut feeling that we all have experienced.  But, it can sometimes (or most of the time) be overridden by our […]

May Mantra

May 1, 2017 “I Choose Peace As My Purpose” We all want more peace in our lives, Right?!?  Peace feels good, peace feels safe, and it feels secure. What would more peace look like in your life? If it’s that you want more peace in the world, more peace in our country, in your family, […]

April Mantra

April 5, 2017 “Love someone.  Hold someone.  Hear someone.” Join me this month, in using this mantra to allow yourself to live with more joy and ease. This mantra serves as a guide to help recalibrate, reclaim, and reorganize ourselves whether it’s moment to moment, hour to hour, day to day. We all fall off […]


February 27, 2017 Ready for a change in your life, but unsure where to start? Do you wonder where to go from here, and what exactly to do to get the results you want? Likely, you know where you want to be, but are searching for a quick and easy way to get there. The […]

The Shield

October 27, 2016 I wrote this post last week and have been REALLY hesitant to share it, but after contemplating it, the benefits of the sharing outweigh the backlash of potential judgment.  I feel like if you can relate to my situation as a mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend or acquaintance then you too can […]

Unstable Grounds? Start Grounding!

July 6, 2016 Last week I got a bit shook up, actually a lot shook up. We moved out of our first house. I brought two of my three kids home to this house and we lived there for 6 years. I enjoyed every bit of it, but we unexpectedly decided to move into a […]

Internal Spring Cleaning – Part 3 Meditation

April 20th, 2016 In my last couple of posts, I’ve talked about how great it can be to cleanse the body on a physical level with diet and exercise and how acupuncture serves to cleanse on a mind, body, and spirit level – the ultimate trifecta. In Part 3, I will offer up the importance […]

A Picture Perfect Holiday minus the “perfect!”

December 22, 2015   Perfect, Smerfect!  There shouldn’t be such a thing! One of my intentions for 2016, is to stop using the word “perfect!” And even after I wrote this today, I responded to the librarian with, “Oh, perfect!  Thanks!”  Ahhh…. I laughed. There is a difference between doing the best you can and […]

Life Lesson #1 – Things I learn from my kids

I started working with a meditation coach about 2 years ago. The main reason I decided to take on this practice was that I was desperate to become a better mother. I was overwhelmed ALL the time, I was frustrated and angry a lot, and I was depressed and anxious. Interestingly, I had no idea […]