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Kid Friendly

Emotions are great! Emotions are appropriate. Emotions are energy. When we get stuck in an emotion, transforming the energy around it is a great way to get out of it. When we transform the emotion, we see clearly that emotions are an energy that is affecting us, instead of attaching to the belief that we are the emotion we are experiencing. Time - 15:00

Kid Friendly

Want to meditate, but feeling resistant to it? This meditation is for you! Whether you're experiencing a minor roadblock or are feeling on the edge of a volatile explosion, sit, get still, release it and come back to a more peaceful you. Time 13:30


If you are feeling highly emotional, whether it’s agitated, angry, sad, or anxious, taking a pause to meditate will shift everything. When we find neutrality in the most volatile of situations the energy changes, the vibration shifts and we start to see with new eyes. A new perspective can be all it takes to heal what is happening right in front of us. Time - 15:45


With stability comes ease. When we align with our ability to ground to the earth, we notice that things flow to us with ease, time opens up in our day and we maintain calm in the midst of chaos. Starting your day with this stabilizing meditation will set the tone for how you want your day to unfold. Time 21:00