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Kid Friendly

Emotions are great! Emotions are appropriate. Emotions are energy. When we get stuck in an emotion, transforming the energy around it is a great way to get out of it. When we transform the emotion, we see clearly that emotions are an energy that is affecting us, instead of attaching to the belief that we are the emotion we are experiencing. Time - 15:00

Kid Friendly


Energetic Cleanse


It’s like taking an energetic shower. Wash off energy that isn’t serving you. You get back your energy and are able to move through your day and interactions with more confidence. Time - 13.45

Kid Friendly

When we are handling different energies around us, we struggle with keeping our attention on one thing. Pulling our focus back to our bodies and spirit, we gain clarity and we can create what we want. Clearing out the energy we are handling will always feel good to us. You will feel lighter, more spacious, calm and clear. Time - 14:00


This meditation will guide you to get centered and grounded. After getting your energy back into your space, you will learn how to keep your energy and maintain holding your space no matter who you encounter in your day. Be YOU, no matter who is around! Time 12:00