As we move through life, we often face unsettling situations. It can be hard to stand still when the waves of life are crashing against you, throwing you off balance and even causing you to topple over. When we feel wobbly, stability is what we crave.

Stability is an energy. We can create stability in any context, by connecting to the earth. The earth is always stable and secure. The earth will always be there to support you.

Last week, three dead trees were removed from the parkway in front of my house. Two of the trees were over 100 years old. Unexpectedly, it was very sad for me and my family. Trees are the ultimate metaphor for stability and three of them were uprooted from my environment.

It was yet, another growth cycle the earth moves through. The earth is successfully undergoing constant change. It changes, old parts die, new parts grow and it remains stable. Through all of these growth cycles the earth is OKAY. It will always be OKAY!

If we allow ourselves to let the earth support us, by intentionally connecting to it, via our feet or tailbone, we will also be okay. This connection provides the security and belief that you are okay. You will always be okay, even through all the changes and the wobbliness that life’s cycles bring.

Sometimes we think it’s wrong to be okay, or somewhere in life have picked up the idea that we have to always have something wrong with us. What if nothing is wrong? What if it’s okay to be okay and what if everything that’s happening in our lives right now is totally okay.

What if all of life is easy, joyful, and glorious when we let go of the limiting belief that something has to be wrong? This wrongness may be what’s blocking your happiness. Is this even in your awareness? If it is, are you able to choose something different?

“The earth is okay and always will be okay, therefore, I am okay and will always be okay.”

Take this mantra on the road with you this week and see what you notice.

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