March 2019



The feeling is solid and crisp. There is a confidence felt when decisions are made. There is an ease and a grace to our thoughts and beliefs because they are clear from judgement and insecurity. With a simple attention, road bumps become smooth, obstacles are experienced without burden, and there is a curiosity in what could be right about a situation that upon first glance seems so wrong. Clarity provides freedom from doubt and fear. How does one embody this great sense of clarity? You choose your own adventure, and the choice is not limited to the offerings below.
  1. Meditation :  It clears energy.  This means an energy that isn’t yours that is stuck in your space is able to clear out, so that you can experience more of your energy.  Once energies are cleared out, you make decisions with your energy, you think thoughts and beliefs that are yours instead of beliefs that were taught to you through family, friends, society or religion.  When you get clear, you have clear interactions.  You’re more capable of  “dealing” with children, significant others, co-workers, and neighbors rather then when you are handling other people’s energy.  This makes you able to respond rationally as opposed to reacting in haste or with emotional charge.  Not sure where to start with meditation?  Check it out here.
  2. Nature:  Put your shoes on, zip up your coat and spend some time outdoors whether it’s for 5 minutes or 30 minutes.  It’ll do your mind and body some good.
  3. Pause and Observe:  There is a legitamit power in the pause. Pause when you are emotionally triggered.  Pause when you are feeling on top of the world.  Pause when things are spiraling out of control.  Each time you pause, notice the feelings, observe the greatness or the pain, and choose your next move.  Bringing a greater awareness to our mind and body is always a step in the right direction.
  4. Movement:  Moving your body, moves energy.  Energy in motion is healing.  Whether intense or restorative, any time you choose to move your body you will feel different mentally.
  5. Breathe:  4,7, 8 breathing is so effective!  Stop in the moment, inhale for 4, hold for 7 and exhale for 8.  Repeat 3 times and notice the impact.
  In Health and Healing,