February 1, 2019



  Alignment is defined by being in correct or appropriate relative position. It is a position of agreement or alliance. Alignment is essential to the body’s well being.  It allows the body to function optimally.  While aligned, there is a greater capacity for strength and flexibility. It’s the same for spiritual alignment.  When we are aligned spiritually we function optimally.  There is a greater capacity to create what we want and live with more neutrality or flexibility.  Bottom line, when we are aligned, it feels really really good!!! What does it mean for you to be spiritually aligned?  How does it feel?  When does it exist? My answer… A comfortable feeling within where there is softness around the edge of certainty. Observing highly emotional conversations or situations as though I’m standing outside of them, instead of being directly in them, and thoughtfully responding when appropriate. Establishing and maintaining a connection to a something greater that offers support and an unwavering stability. Being internally rock-solid to see clearly and be guided. There is ease, there is joy, there is security.   Here are other examples of what it might look like.
  • Knowing what’s true for you despite what others are doing, thinking, etc.
  • Having your information to make clear decisions, so you don’t second guess yourself.
  • You just feel good, and things around you are flowing nicely.
  • Being who you truly are, creating what you what to create, and validating those miracles.
  What does is look like when you’re not in alignment with spirit? My answer… Any feeling of overwhelm, rush, anxiety, competition, judgment, or fear.   What will bring you back into spiritual alignment? My answer… Meditation, movement, being in nature, being in water, or being in gratitude and appreciation. I hope this serves you! In Health and Healing,