July Mantra

July 10, 2017


“My Inner Wisdom is my guide.”

  My intention this month is to get better acquainted with my Inner Wisdom. We all have our own inner guide.  It’s similar to that gut feeling that we all have experienced.  But, it can sometimes (or most of the time) be overridden by our thinking mind. And what so often grabs at our thinking mind is the opinions of others, society’s so called rules, the “they are doing it so maybe it’s right for me too” scenario, or even “the doctor told me this, so it must be true” situation. What would it be like to spend more time in our “being” or “knowing” mind and out of our thinking mind? Start to notice when and where you are making decisions based on what your inner voice is “knowing” or notice if you are living YOUR LIFE listening to others peoples information. Practice getting comfortable trusting yourself, your information and your intuitive knowing! Spend more time leaning into YOU and your wisdom, because you are the only one that always knows what is right for you!   In Heath and Healing,