September 4, 2018



  To comfort is to ease the distress. It is a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint.  It is also being in a state of mental ease.  The freedom comes as the constraint lessens and there is greater expansion of spirit.  Our spirit isn’t set by the boundaries of our physical body.  The spirit can expand infinitely and when we allow this we secure the the most freeing sensation of all. What can you do today to comfort yourself?  Is it a simply a kind word? What can you do to comfort someone in your life?  A look?  A smile?  A nod? How can you “treat” YOU?  And then, notice that this “treat” is not a “treat” at all.  It’s a necessity.  It’s what will catapult your well-being.  It’s what will maintain the greatness of YOU.  Radiance, the beautiful brilliance of the being desires this comfort to thrive. Try this…. Place your left fingertips along your sternum and your right fingertips at the navel with the ring finger resting right at the belly button.  With very light touch, take a few moments to just breath.  What do you notice? Receive this comfort.  Allow the reset to occur.  Witness the shift.   In Health and Healing,