November Mantra

November 14, 2015


“I am grateful for kindness.”

  This month, as I have increased my gratitude practice, I’ve heightened my awareness around kindness. I always intend to be kind, but sometimes I get a big fat FAIL when it comes to my kids and my husband.  So, I’ve made being kind the top priority in my life since the start of November. What I’ve noticed is that being kind includes being kind to yourself.  Typically, when I haven’t dealt with a situation in my kindest voice or manner I tend to beat myself up about it afterwards.  Now, I lean into forgiveness.  I forgive myself for messing up.  I know I’m doing the best I can.  I clear up the past and continue into the present knowing this, “I want to create more kindness in my life.” I’ve also witnessed that kindness is contagious.  When I am fully focused on giving kindness, I see more of it.  I have more capacity to receive kindness from others and more awareness in my space that it is happening all around me.  It is BEAUTIFUL! Finally, kindness feels SO good!  So, whenever I’m aware that I’m not feeling good, I’ve been turning to the support of kindness.  Kindness will always be there for you.  When you choose it once, it’s like a snowball of goodness that just keeps rolling and getting bigger and bigger and you feel better and better and so will the people around you. Please Be kind.  Say something kind.  Do something kind.  Make your life a kindness project every single day. In Health and Healing,

One thought on “November Mantra

  1. Joyce says:

    A perfect mantra for November – and the perfect compliment to being thankful.
    Thanks for the kind reminder.

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