March Mantra

March 6, 2017

“I am letting go of doing and reclaiming my sense of being.

  I am constantly making to-do lists.  I have a note in the kitchen, one in my phone, and a few more in random places in my house.  So, I’m always creating a new one, ripping up an old one, adding to an existing one, and crossing off things daily.  This to-do list is totally great, appropriate and necessary for me in my life. What is not working though, is my attachment to this list.  Sometimes I fall into a space of a slightly panicked energy where I feel like I have to get this and this and this done in a race-like fashion.  And if I don’t finish the race then I fail.  It’s like getting things done off this list in a certain amount of time defines my worthiness. Or I’ve gone through moments where I put this to-do list ahead of all other things in my life.  I make this “list” my main priority.  It wins over my self care and my relationships. Halt! This is when I remember to get back me, my intention, and to align with things that feel good to me.  When I align with spirit and release this list into the universe, I immediately feel better! Part of the process is being willing to let it go, and part of it is having the certainty that things will get done when they need to get done.  This creates a whole new spin on the dreaded to-do list.  Life becomes more fun, life becomes easy and things happen when appropriate.  Remembering to live my life by being, instead of constantly doing is definitely more fulfilling then reporting to my lists. I’m renaming my lists as my “to-be” lists. In Health and Healing,          

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