Meditation is a practice that can lead to a ritual. It allows for a greater connection to you, knowing yourself and loving yourself.

It allows for a deeper connection and appreciation towards others, especially those you love the most. It will slowly dissolve tension, stress, and worry to leave you in the presence of relaxation, certainty and clarity.

Imagine a frozen snow covered lake where the wind has shaped the snow into waves.  There is stillness where there was once movement.  There is peace and beauty in what was active and turned quiet.  This is your mind and body during meditation.

As it is different for everyone, each will have an entirely unique experience within.  Similar, is the deep awareness within and around the body and an invitation to welcome the spirit home. 

In the coming and going of stillness, spirit and body encounter moments of ease, clarity, and grace, and will observe the external environment with neutrality. 


There is a toning of the senses.

Intuition begins to occupy more of our head space.

There is the possibility to see what is true for you.

There is a capacity to observe without judgment.

We gain the ability to reflect on our awareness with neutrality and may choose to see how we create our own reality.  This is where the fun really begins.

We create. We manifest.

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