Meditation guide, acupuncturist, yogi, writer, swimmer, essential oils educator, and a lover of learning!

In 2011, meditation arrived into Kelly’s life and it has been a constant priority and consistent practice since, helping her to maintain a sense of balance, joy, and peace even in the face of life’s ever-evolving obstacles.

Kelly is first and foremost, a mother and life coordinator to her three children and husband.

She obtained her clairvoyant meditation training in an apprenticeship style, under the expertise of the lovely Kerry Dontchos.  She continues to expand her practice, knowledge, and growth as a practitioner, teacher and individual. 

Kelly obtained her master’s degree in Oriental Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in 2009, and is a licensed acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist.   She subscribes to the belief that the body naturally tends toward a healthy state.  This belief is the catalyst for guiding clients through meditation, acupuncture, movement, and/or the use of plant based essential oils to promote and achieve self-healing. 

Kelly’s introduction to yoga was in 2000, when she attended her first class in Tucson, AZ.   In 2004, she became a certified Yoga instructor.  Since then, she has moved through different Yoga practices, spending many years studying many styles.  Currently, she is inspired by the wisdom of Elena Brower and Rod Stryker.  After 20 years of practice, she has recently realized that yoga is first and foremost a practice of breath, and the asana is a beautiful tool used to attain that practice.